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Welcome to the Flutter port of shadcn-ui, a component library originally made for React developers. This project aims to bring the power and flexibility of shadcn-ui to Flutter developers, allowing them to easily integrate beautiful and customizable components into their Flutter applications.



This project consists of the following packages:


The cli package is a Dart-based CLI tool that streamlines the process of working with fcnui. It contains all the necessary commands to initialize a project, add new components.


The fcnui_base package is the heart of fcnui. Written in Dart (Flutter), it provides developers with a comprehensive set of dependencies.


The registry package is a Flutter application designed for testing fcnui components individually. This app serves as a visual playground where developers can explore and interact with each component in isolation. By including the fcnui_base, the registry ensures that components are thoroughly tested and ready for integration into real-world projects.


The ui package is a Next.js application that complements fcnui. It provides an API for all the components in JSON format, enabling seamless integration with the cli tool.