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Forms in fcnui uses flutter_form_builder to create forms. It is a flutter package that helps in creating forms in a declarative manner.



fcnui add form

⚠️ Important: When added, need to stop running app and run flutter pub get to install all necessary dependencies.


In fcnui forms are created using the DefaultForm widget, which accepts FormModel as a parameter.

final formModel = FormModel();
DefaultForm(vm: formModel, child: ...) //your child widget

The FormModel takes care of all the form related operations like validation, submission, etc.

Available methods

  • isValid: to check if the form is valid.
  • getValue: to get the value of a field.
  • getValues: to get the values of all fields.
  • patchValue: to update the value of a field.
  • save: to save the form.
  • reset: to reset the form.
  • validate: to validate the form.
  • saveAndValidate: to save and validate the form.
  • invalidateField: to invalidate a field.


Component SaveButton also accepts FormModel and has several features to automatically enable or disable button on form change.